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COROB™ CLEVERmix 550 | CLEVERmix 500

The professional gyroscopic automatic mixers

The simple, yet effective, CLEVERmix 550 I 500 are fully automatic gyroscopic mixers in the family of COROB™ products that deliver a straightforward mixing experience.

  • CLEVERmix 550 | CLEVERmix 500
Base Features
TypeGyroscopical mixer
Clamping functionAutomatic
Plate positioning after mixing cycleAutomatic
Mixing time (min)From 1 to 30 (1 min intervals 1>10 min; 5 min intervals onward)
Mixing speed (rpm)*5 speeds [3 pre-set (95-180), 2 custom (95-120)]
Mixing motor power [hp] (kW)1,2 (0,9)
Working cycleContinuous
Mixing directionOne direction
Can Handling Features
Type of cansRound / Square / Oval
Minimum can height [mm] (in)80 (3.2)
Maximum can height [mm] (in)470 (18.5) (max height reduced if centering holder is used) / 490 (19.3) plate opening
Maximum can diameter [mm] (in)380 (15)
Maximun can weight [Kg] (lbs)40 (88)
Power Supply / Machine Environment
Power supply [V]230 / 115 [optional]
Frequency [Hz]50/60
FusesF 10 A
Maximum power absorption [W]1200
Overall Dimensions
Length [mm] (in)798 (31.4)
Depth [mm] (in)790 (31.1) / 825 (32.5) with handle
Height [mm] (in)1013 (39.9)
Footprint [m2] (ft2)0,62 (6.68)
Machine Weight [kg] (lb)190 (419)

* Mixing speed can vary in function of weight, can shape and base paint characteristics.
Data refers to base configuraton machine, figures may vary according to different specifications.

CLEVERmix 500-550 Brochure
CLEVERmix 500 Data sheet
CLEVERmix 550 Data sheet


Programmable time and mixing speed functions enhance mixing capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the selected base achieving a complete dispersion of colorant in the final product. Pre-set cycles and additional customizable ones, allowing for speed ranges from 95 to 180 rpm.

The CLEVERmix 550 I 500 are perfect for use in professional paint stores, trade centers and large retail environments.

CLEVERmix 550 vs 500

CLEVERmix 550 comes with a window for viewing the internal mixing area and a laser cut COROB™ logo on the front end plate, CLEVERmix 500 is focused on a more thrill-free approach with an eye on convenient pricing.


The CLEVERmix 550 I 500 mixer series are the ideal unit for handling big paint cans.
A wide front opening and extractable plate allow for easy loading and unloading of the product while providing unhindered access for performing routine maintenance. A hinge door variant is also available, allowing for a higher paint can grip point.


The strongly built rotational mechanism makes the CLEVERmix 550 I 500 the benchmark of gyroscopic mixers.
The main success point of this patented mechanism is the very light design, but extremely effective in the power and strength that it generates, with doubtless benefits for the mixing of the bases with the dispensed colorant.


The rear panel can be removed in a few steps, leaving a wide access area to the moving parts and to the motor. All electrical components are also set for an easy to service manner, reducing time for interventions.